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Family History Magic

I am interrupting this broadcast ( … the Blogging in the Past Lane series of posts … ) to bring you the latest news about Family Story Magic! This course is related to Blogging in the Past Lane and Digital Storytelling Family Historians and its new! You may say its part of the ‘family’ of courses I have been building at my Thinkific School.

The reason for the interruption is my excitement in bringing to you a Podcast, see below, to entice you into the world of Building your Brand with your Ancestral Story.

What has made you the person you are today? Who were the influences in your life in the past? Where did you get your traits from? Why do you have different abilities, hair colour, skin type, facial features and body height? Have you ever considered how much of your physical features and your personality make-up is derived from your ancestors?

samule john allery ancestral card 1In my family history there are many Tailors, Master Tailors, Builders, Business people and pioneers. My life tapestry contains threads from many of these ancestors stretching back through time, and so does yours. My Great grandfather Samuel John built the Allery Tailoring dynasty and the facts surrounding his life, where he was born, his marriages, his children and legacies have been the topics of interest for me as I weave a story of his life.

My Dad Cecil Henry, was a pioneer and he emigrated to Australia just after World War 2 to start a new life for his family. It was because of him that I am where I am today. His advice still rings in my ears: “Carole, remember you may lose many things in life, but you will always have your shadow.” I might start with an Ancestral Card and pick out the significant events and the family philosophy to plot the storyline of my Great Grandfather or my Dad. I do this with a set of ‘cards’ in my Trello Boards. Here’s an example.

What did your grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents do in their lives? How did their skills, pursuits and accomplishments get handed down to you? What was their advice to you? Do you remember the stories told to you from your parents or grandparents? The story of your ancestors and their impact on you, helps you define the type of person you are today and provides a rich tapestry of threads in patterns unique to your family.

Gathering your ancestral facts can start simply with an Ancestral Card .

Ancestral cards are innovative methods of displaying ancestral connections often revealing trends, patterns and surprises that are otherwise not seen in traditional family history record.

In the course Family History Magic I show you how to create your Ancestral Cards. For those who just want to start learning on their own, here’s how to create one! Select the PDF document link to download the workbook to your computer.  Ancestral Cards Workbook

I created the Family Story Magic course in May 2020 and at the end of the process I was interviewed by my tutor,  Sarah Cordiner – Course Creation Specialist, in her Course Creator Podcast. Sarah put a whole new spin on this course as she asked me questions about the content, the tips and the process for creating a family story that helps to build a picture of you. Here is the podcast – a 30 minute discussion on the way in which you can build your Brand and Influence with your Ancestral Story.

Build your Brand & Influence with Your Ancestral Story

podcast family story magic

Click on the link above to access the Course Creator Podcast site and scroll down to play Episode 22: Build your Brand and Influence with your Ancestral Story.

If you are interested in this course, head over to Family Story Magic for a preview at my Thinkific School.

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