Trialling a New Course: Starting an Online Club

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Trialling a New Course: Starting an Online Club

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I have begun to construct a Thinkific short course for those who wish to start building an online Toastmasters club.

Starting an Online Club

In this course I have been harvesting some of the resources provided by skilled onliners and bringing them together into a cohesive learning experience.

It is raw and unedited at the moment, however, I am willing to share with you so that you can make some comments on its improvement.

I am also requesting help – to harvest the wisdom of the online executive teams who have already experienced the process of starting an online club.

If you would like to contribute text, audio or video pieces to this course, please let me know. You can leave a comment if you subscribe to this blog.

These are specifically required for the latter Chapters of the course.

Here is the Course Outline:



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