… in the galaxy U, far, far away …

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… in the galaxy U, far, far away …



The Firebirds burst onto the scene, resplendent in their Phoenix Rising colours. They are known as the Firebirds Collective.


Firebirds leaders completed Jedi Master training, secretly, under the guidance of their Jedi Mentors and advanced their skills as polished speakers and moderators online. Their training back then was all done in situ; in every meeting there was was something new to learn. The Firebirds became well known for flying into the fire and re-emerging from the ashes; their best learning was born out of adversity and challenge.

The collective of Firebirds leaders are now well known for their particular skills and each one has contributed to the emergence of this new force, the Onliner Alliance.

  • Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Susan Ellsworth) – fearless leader and Jedi Master, defied the Empire and provided the drive for the Firebirds to ‘strike back’
  • Han Solo (Ian Murray) – thought leader and Jedi Master, provided the guidance for the team leaders; giving us wings to fly in the Millenium Falcon (better known as the Firebirds Google Site)
  • Princess Leia (Carole McCulloch) – coach, mentor and Jedi Master with attitude, managed the easy-Speak infrastructure for the Firebirds and inspired them to ‘become one with the force’ by training online.
  • Chewbacca (Brian Dodd) – fearless Wooki Jedi Master who speaks many languages of the Order, ensured that the Firebirds reached the final destination,  Planet Charter, with Empirical Data in tact.
  • Luke Skywalker (Darryl Heron) – Force-sensitive human male Jedi Master, was instrumental in navigating our presence online; well known for podcasts with members of the Order.
  • Yoda (Julie Kertesz) – renowned within the Order for her wisdom,  a legendary Jedi Master and stronger than most in her connection with the Force (`Away put your weapon!’). She trained us all in the power of storytelling.
  • C-3PO (Manhal Shukayr) – Jedi Master and Technician provided comic relief throughout the journey of the Firebirds, and managed their own Rebel Base on the Ice Planet GoToMeeting.
  • R2-D2 (Mathilde Fischer) – Jedi Master and skilled in the art of data storage;  consistently recorded the minutes of meetings and stored them deep within the Firebirds archives.
  • Lando Calrissian (Kim Hahn) – rebel Jedi Master who has remained strong with the Force, has now developed a new team of Jedi Knights Down Under; and they rejoin the Alliance with renewed strength.

Together the Firebirds have forged new practices, new pathways and new opportunities for the Rebels of the Onliner Alliance. They reached the Planet Charter in March 2016, and formed new visions and missions for the future. New Jedi Knight Teams from across the Alliance have now emerged – ‘strong with the force’ – as leaders of the Firebirds.

  • Rey  (Lorraine Taylor) new Jedi Master and visionary, is now leading the new Jedi Knights with missions far beyond the dreams of the Order.
  • Finn (Samir Malak) is steering the Star Program for Firebirds as the leader of Jedi Knights Education team. This new team includes Martie Ogborn and Lorraine Taylor.
  • Chewbacca (Brian Dodd) leads the team of Jedi Knights of Membership to maintain and build our membership strength. This team includes Peter Kangas and Dienebe Deme.
  • Poe Dameron (Krishn Ramchurn) stepped up – as a new Jedi Knight and talented squadron leader –  to support his team leader Darryl Heron and ensure that Firebirds online presence remains strong with the Force.
  • BB-8 (Belinda Kent) Jedi Master of the Bitcoin and keeper of the purse has been instrumental in streamlining the process of funding the Firebirds initiative.

They are collaboratively building further Firebirds infrastructure on the Planet Trello – their task board for the Force!

Julie Kertesz and her team of Witty Storytellers lead the way in bringing their Jedi Knights from the Planet Witty, to the Planet Charter in September 2016. This new online club, under the command of squadron leader Svetlana Rakhimova, is strengthening the Alliance. Their skilled Jedi Knights include Michelle Alba-Lim, Mathilde Fischer, Brian Dodd and Manhal Shukayr.

Susan Ellsworth and her team of Great White North Onliners from the Planet GWNO followed that lead and quickly brought another tribe to the Planet Charter in October 2016. Their skilled Jedi Knights include Suzette Leeming, Moses Cherrington, Steve Davis, Alicia Choi Darcy, Michelle Rich, Phyllis Harmon, and Ashwani Kumar Sinha.

Kim Hahn and her skilled Jedi Knights from the Planet TWB, are following close behind and will reach the Planet Charter very soon. This team from Down Under is still developing and includes: Carole McCulloch, Moses Cherrington, Elise Lonsdale, Charlie Durber and Phiona Rhodes.

Akira Sasaki has his Jedi Knights poised and ready to join the Alliance as he develops a small group of early adopters from the Planet Fuji. Members of the Alliance are rushing to his aid as we speak.

Small gatherings of these tribes are now occurring in separate parts of the Planet, celebrating their victories. Soon all tribes of the Onliner Alliance will meet at the mass gathering to be held on the Star Ship Alliance Zero One in November 2016.

All members of the Onliner Alliance have been consistently winning the battles with the Storm Troopers (the Toastmasters Empire) and the impact of Darth Vader (and the influence of the Dark Side) is beginning to fade.

There is a new awakening, can you feel it?

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Star Wars Official Website and the Star Wars Storyline at Wikipedia and  The Star Wars Wiki at Wookipedia


Participate in the fun by joining us online. You can be a visitor by creating a user account in easy-Speak and self-selecting to attend the meetings at: http://firebirds.easy-speak.org

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