Preparation for Online Clubs

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Preparation for Online Clubs

preparing for an online club headerLet’s start with the FOUR recommended steps for Preparing for an Online Club!

These steps are outlined briefly below. In further posts I will provide more detailed explorations of those that are more complex and time consuming.

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Step 1: Explore the following resources at Toastmasters International :

Club Minimum Requirements: amendments

Regular meetings are conducted in-person, except when a club decides to allow a minority of its members to attend online, or when a club has chartered as an online club in which all members may attend online.

Step 2: Prepare your online spaces

Step 3: Define your procedures

Place information and procedures in your website early; for example here is how the Firebirds Collective have displayed their visitor procedures for:

  • how to join
  • how to attend meetings
  • how to participate effectively in meetings

Step 4: Master the meeting space

After you have evaluated the attributes of selected web conferencing software;  and considered the functionality, ease of use, support structure and price etc., you should:

  • setup and master the meeting tool for quality of experience for all
  • determine the meeting dates and times (provide time zone conversions)
  • embed the link to meetings within websites and social media spaces
  • learn how to manage the meeting, recordings and follow ups required

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