Learning about Zoom

Zoom Basics

One of our Online Clubs, Buddies,  has provided this resource to help you decide on which advanced features are recommended for your Zoom meetings.

Meeting procedure; Zoom account setting – Google Docs,

In response to requests from Area Directors, club members and leaders in D73, the District 73 Team Pathways scheduled a Zoom Basics session on October 6, 2019. Here’s the recording in full.

With a free Zoom account, you can be up and scheduling in just a few minutes. In the video below, Amit Merwar, Mighty Docklands Toastmasters club, explores the process of getting into Zoom using a Free account and explains the differences in functionality with the Pro account.

How do I setup Zoom Web conferencing?

Here’s Amit’s guide to setting up your own Zoom


How do I get ready for a Zoom meeting?

Visit the Zoom Help Center

Zoom Support is fantastic source of help for the novice and the advanced users of this web conferencing tool. We suggest that you:

Visit the Zoom Help Center

  1. Find the instruction page for, How Do I Test Prior To Joining A Meeting?
  2. Locate the link and follow the Join Meeting Test.
  3. Find the video, How Do I Join a Meeting.
  4. Play the video to find the Zoom launcher.
  5. Find the video, Joining & Configuring Audio & Video.
  6. Play the video to find out how to configure your audio.

Online Facilitation

How do I facilitate an Online Meeting in Zoom?

Facilitating your Online meetings in Zoom is a skill that you will find essential for your online webinars and meetings too. The team suggests that you try out a scheduled Zoom session with one other person, for example, your mentor or protégé, before scheduling larger meetings in Zoom. Carole McCulloch DTM, a seasoned user of Zoom, provides the following advice on the PRIME method for being a competent and confident facilitator of online meetings.

  • Present online effectively – appearance, video & audio expertise
  • Run the session – timing, protocols and segues between items
  • Inspire participation – encourage interaction among the audience
  • Manage professionally – use your Toastmaster of the Day skills
  • Engage the audience – ensure that the participants enjoy the session.

Here’s Carole’s guide for Facilitating your Zoom meetings which includes the Top 10 Tips for Effective Facilitation.

Online Facilitator Roles and Tasks

Zoom Essential Training

The team suggests that you try out a Zoom meeting for your Pathways Elective project, Manage Online Meetings, and prepare with further essential training offered at Zoom.

Sharing Your Screen.


Play this video to find out how to play sound from your computer in a shared application.

If you are sharing PowerPoint slides in your online presentation, David Carr has some tips for you here: https://op.toastmost.org/2019/10/01/how-to-start-your-slides-more-smoothly-in-zoom/

Have you considered how you can use Zoom for your Toastmasters Club Executive meetings; online catchups with members; mentoring your proteges online; or how you can make the best use of your Zoom time in an online meeting with confidence?

Contact the D73 Team Pathways for help with your next Zoom session!

If you need help with the setup please contact the team at: pc@d73.toastmasters.org.au

Do you need further help with Pathways @ Your Club – find your resources here: https://sites.google.com/view/d73guide/video-tutorials




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