Prepare to Go Online

Preliminary Feasibility Study

Ask the question – how will we continue our club meetings during the COVID-19 Pandemic? How do we go online?

  1. engage in open discussions at your club and in social media
  2. address concerns with your club members
  3. emphasize the skills needed for being comfortable online
  4. build an action team to help move meetings online eg a High Performance Leadership project
  5. evaluate the attributes of web conferencing software eg functionality, ease of use
  6. visit an online club to experience meetings eg see Online Clubs list here
  7. view a recording of an Online Club Panel Discussion at Online Presenters

Learning and Preparation

  1. explore some tools (Apps) for scheduling across time zones:
    World Clock Meeting Planner
  2. explore some tools (apps) for scheduling preliminary executive club team meetings
  3. setup and master the use of a web conferencing tool eg GoToMeeting or Zoom
  4. access Online Facilitation tutorials eg Meeting Facilitation Tips
  5. practice your facilitation strategies with one or two people first

Management Procedures

  1. delegate tasks for online club officers eg promotion, transition and education plans
  2. setup an online Club Management site eg easy-Speak or FreeToastHost
  3. setup a home website eg WordPress or Googlesite  or Facebook Group to manage the digital footprint of the club eg branding, meeting notices, invites
  4. build in special club officer positions eg web master, meeting monitor, logistics manager, listener
  5. schedule an online demonstration meeting
  6. assign roles for first meeting
  7. promote and invite meetings participants

When all of this is in place the prospective leader of an Online Club will be in a better position to move to the next steps: