Planning Better Family History Blog Posts?

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Planning Better Family History Blog Posts?

Tips for Building Better Family History Blog Posts: A Comprehensive Guide


The art of crafting a family history blog post is akin to weaving a rich tapestry of memories, facts, and emotions. It’s about telling a story that resonates with readers, whether they are seasoned genealogists or curious novices. This guide aims to provide a roadmap for planning better family history blog posts, ensuring that each piece is engaging, informative, and visually appealing.

1. Content Planning: A Blueprint for Success

Creating a content plan is the foundation of a successful blog. Outline topics, schedule posts, and create a cohesive narrative that guides readers through the fascinating world of family history.

2. The Power of a Title

A clear and concise title is a beacon that draws readers to your blog. It should encapsulate the essence of your family history and make it easy for readers to find your content.

3. The Engaging Introduction

Start with an engaging introduction that highlights the purpose of your blog and what readers can expect. It’s the handshake that welcomes them into your family’s story.

4. Storytelling Meets Facts

Blend storytelling with factual information to create a rich and informative experience. Your blog should be a journey that educates and entertains.

5. Visual Aids: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Incorporate photos, documents, and other visual aids to bring your family history to life. These visuals add depth and context to your narrative.

6. Navigation: A User-Friendly Experience

Organize your blog into sections or categories, making it easy for readers to navigate and find what they’re looking for. Accessibility is key to a satisfying reader experience.

7. Research: The Backbone of Credibility

Thorough research and relatable sources ensure accuracy and credibility. Your readers trust you to be their guide, so provide them with well-researched content.

8. Clear and Concise Writing

Write in a style that’s easy to read and understand. Avoid overly technical language and embrace clarity.

9. Personal Touches: Anecdotes, Quotes, and Insights

Make your blog relatable and interesting with anecdotes, quotes, and personal insights. These elements add warmth and humanity to your writing.

10. Engaging Readers: A Community of Discovery

Promote dialogue and comments, respond to inquiries, and create a community where readers feel connected and engaged.

11. Dialogue and Points of View

Recreate conversations or relate stories in the first person to make them lively. These techniques add dynamism to your writing.

12. Citing Sources: A Mark of Professionalism

Include sources, cite references, and add captions to images. This practice enhances the credibility of your blog and provides readers with avenues for further exploration.

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Planning better family history blog posts is a multifaceted process that requires attention to detail, creativity, and a deep understanding of your audience. By following these guidelines, you can create a blog that not only shares your family’s history but also fosters a community of like-minded explorers.

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Happy blogging!

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