AI and the Genealogists

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AI and the Genealogists

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Discover AI-Assisted Genealogy Research with Andrew Redfern and Carole McCulloch

Are you passionate about family history and looking for innovative ways to delve deeper into your ancestral roots? Join us for an enlightening online webinar featuring enthusiastic genealogists Andrew Redfern and Carole McCulloch, as they explore the exciting world of AI-assisted genealogy research!

Andrew Redfern has always been interested in his family history. His mother’s careful research sparked this interest many years ago.

Andrew is interested in colonial Australia, and the fact that his earliest known ancestor came to Australia in 1801 made him want to learn more about his family’s history.

You will find several more items about Andrew on his website. 

Andrew is also presenting at the upcoming webinar for the Society of Australian Genealogists on May 1st 2023. Register here for his presentation:

Family History and Artificial Intelligence.


Carole McCulloch is a dedicated genealogy fan and family history detective who has taken her passion to new levels.

In 2019, Carole received a Diploma in Family History from the University of Tasmania. In 2020, she started a new business as a Family History Educator (Edupreneur).

Her Preserving Family History Academy has many courses for new and seasoned genealogists and family historians.

You will find her Writing in Progress website full of ancestral stories from her research.


AI-Assisted Research and Storytelling

Andrew and Carole will use Chat GPT, an innovative AI tool made by OpenAI, to show the amazing potential of AI-assisted genealogy research in this exclusive webinar. They will show you how this powerful technology can change the way you do research, help you find hidden connections, and bring to light family stories you had forgotten.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to utilize AI assistance to locate and analyze historical records, such as census data, birth, marriage, and death records, military records, and more.
  2. Strategies for crafting effective prompts that help you overcome research obstacles and break through stubborn brick walls in your family history research.
  3. How AI can be a valuable brainstorming partner, providing creative ideas to expand your family tree and explore new research avenues.
  4. Tips for harnessing AI to organize and present your genealogy research findings effectively.
  5. The benefits of collaboration and networking with other researchers, using AI to connect with fellow genealogists and share knowledge and resources.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind chance to learn from two expert genealogists who have used AI to find interesting things about their family histories. Whether you have been doing genealogy research for a long time or are just starting out, this webinar will give you tools and tips that will help you do better research.

Sign up now for this exciting FREE online event and learn how AI-assisted strategies will change the future of genealogy research. Embark on a new chapter in your family history quest, and unlock the mysteries of your ancestors with the help of Andrew Redfern and Carole McCulloch!



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