Be an Influential Genealogist

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Be an Influential Genealogist

  The journey into the past is like a trip to a foreign country, and often a roadmap is needed to ensure you reach your destination. Here are 10 places to include in your itinerary.

Genealogy Itinerary:

Knowing What or Who you are Seeking – a good place to start from.
Packing what you will need for the Journeysmart preparation.
Learning how to Find Your Past – essential education.
Accessing Research Sitesessential preparation.
Recording People and Places found Along the Way – necessary strategy.
Verifying the facts with Primary Documents – essential process.
Digging deep for Stories in Newspapers – additional tours to include.
Getting the Perspective from Living Relatives – optional tours to explore.
Writing each Ancestral Story as a Vignette – excellent destination.
Compiling a Family History Book – a bonus way of sharing your journey.

Genealogy Networking:

Do you want to be an influential Genealogist? Someone who is present in the Genealogy social media world. Perhaps you have something to share – such as your tips on researching the archives or engaging stories of your ancestors. Do you want to immerse yourself in the Genie world? Keep up-to-date with the latest? Be like the big names in GeneaBlogging and have thousands of followers? My tips for you today are these: My Live Cast from today gives you a summary from my point of view. This is Live Cast 14 in the #30Days30Tips Challenge – another Sarah Cordiner course. Our goal on day 14 was to give some Tips from our Blog. You can access all of my Live Casts in this new FREE course: Essential Genealogist: Tips for Research and Storytelling, available now in my Preserving Family History Academy. My Week Two post for the #52Ancestors52Weeks Challenge is here: Week 2: Favourite Finds  My exciting news for today, contained in the Live Cast above, was the publication of my ‘Dear Genealogist’ poem in the February edition of the Family Tree Magazine at http://www.family-tree.co.uk. The poem appears on page 19 of that edition in the Family History Fun section. It’s part of the Dear Paul column. I was delighted to see it displayed there. Thanks to Paul Chiddicks I can now say that I have been published in the Family Tree Magazine. You can read my poem in a previous post from August 2021. ‘Dear Genealogist  

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