The healing pool

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The healing pool

The healing pool is a fictitious place in my latest book; a work in progress; a place where the soul can feel safe; a place of deep healing from the waters sent by the spirits.

Now if I haven’t lost you, stay with me while I unpack my week of writing in the NaNoWriMo – the national novel writing month – a time for unleashing the story within.

Day One: my goal was to reach 1700 words and to create a new chapter in a story that I began years ago. My reflections on the previous chapters helped set the scene for the new writing. Knowing that thousands of other writers were enveloped in this adventure, inspired and empowered me. I reached my goal and reconnected with the voices of the characters from my Welsh tribe.

Day Two: another goal of similar word counts, and now a process emerging to help provide a framework for my writing. From a sticky-note storyboard to a list of chapter headings in my journal to the collection of scenes and chapters in my DabbleWriter. Support groups provided even more inspiration as I listened to their writing process, their plans and goals, and their achievements.

Day Three: reaching the goal of 1700 words a day and marking that achievement with a congratulatory message that popped up in DabbleWriter, gave me a feeling of accomplishment. When I realised that I now had over 4500 words in just a few days – I was happy with that.

Days Four and Five: we interrupt this flow to bring you LIFE. I prepared for and participated in the Global Transformational Festival online over these two days. I focussed on bringing the message of how genealogy and storytelling can change your lives and preserve your family history for future generations. My involvement showed me that I was on the right path for me and I drew further inspiration from the wisdom in this well.

Day Six: I came back into the zone and once more reached my word count for the day and I am happy to say I now have almost 7000 words and several new chapters for ‘The Book of Shadows’ – the title is a working title until something better emerges.

How does this new writing fit into my passion for genealogy and family history?

I am basing my fictional fantasy piece on real places, real people, and real events. Naturally, I am twisting these and inventing new and interesting events and characters. This requires historical research and more genealogical research – my favourite pastimes – and building these into a new perspective of what I imagine about my Welsh tribe and their special Wiccan powers.

If you’d like to hear my 12-minute speech –

‘Ancestral Research and Storytelling Reveals Who You Are’

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