Tips on Tips: How to streamline tips for social media

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Tips on Tips: How to streamline tips for social media

Making and sharing images for your favourite tips.

  1. Get into Canva to design your own tips for display in social media, at just the right size and with oodles of templates, copyright-free photos, and more.
    Note: The featured image for this post was made in Canva in just a few minutes.
  2. Add your Tip image to a post on your social media and add some text to let others know how to make the best use of specialized media and software.
    Note: If you have researched and located some examples or tutorials, share the links to these too.
  3. Add your tips and text into Buffer.com if you want to schedule a series of posted tips on social media.
    Note: I have been doing that for a couple of weeks and sharing about 40 Genealogy Research or Story Writing Tips this way.

You may want to try out a series of tips on your favourite topic. Find out what people are asking about your topic from Google and create some tips to share. Your social media followers will love them.

Create your tip as a Live Cast or a voice recording!

Are you preparing a speech, a presentation, or want to deliver an ancestral story in your own voice? The easiest way to do this is by using your Zoom account and replaying just the Audio playback file.
Note: ensure that you have switched on the Advanced feature for recording audio only, in your Zoom settings.

You can automatically store it on YouTube directly from Zoom.

The next best thing to do is to record it directly into your social media channels using Facebook Live. Live Casts are fun to do and quick and easy to get your tips out there.

Talking about Tips: Descript for your Voiceovers and Podcasts

So you’ve just recorded your first podcast! Now you want to edit and remove the filler words (ums and ahs) and tidy things up. You could use the free program Audacity to do this with the audio wave file itself, or you could use Descript.

I recently learned about this fabulous program from a fellow podcaster. Descript turns your audio wave file into text and you can literally SEE the ums and ahs. Editing your track is done simply and quickly enabling you to publish your podcast swiftly.

Here’s what it looks like. Once you’ve edited, you also have a transcript to share.

For my fellow genealogists, you will find the whole series of Tips on Genealogy Research and Family Story Writing here on this site on my Genealogy Tips page. You can do that too, by adding links to your Tips and Live Casts from your social media posts, into your website.


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