Tell your Ancestral Stories in Poetry!

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Tell your Ancestral Stories in Poetry!

This week I interviewed Bush Poet, Annette Roberts from Bellbridge, Victoria, Australia. We unpacked her exploits, adventures and awards for Bush Poetry creation and recitals; and discovered her own style of writing stories about her ancestors.

Annette recites her poem ‘Bridget’s Lament’ in this episode of the Essential Genealogist Podcast.

Listening to Annette, I was inspired to write some poetry of my own. An inspirational piece for Genealogists.

I was scrolling through the messages in the Facebook Genealogy groups and saw a message from a Genealogist, lamenting that we are not all priveleged to have a team of genealogists to help with our family history sleuthing.

Dear Genealogist,

In this life time you have achieved many goals.
Research has taken you down many rabbit holes.
Ancestral stories of back then, all clamour for you to write.
Someone else may tell your story, when you step into that good night.

Give your descendants the glory of your family tree
Do not wait until the next life, persevere, let it be.
We, the genealogists of today, the ordinary,
Are here to tell stories of the past, the extraordinary

About the lives of our ancestors, even though small
With courage and fortitude to reveal them all.
Its up to you to preserve the history of your clan
Its time to create your Genealogy Research Plan.

Come sit beside me and tell me your stories
Your great Grandad’s epic war time glories
Tales of your great greats’ lives in history
The poignant, the sad, and the hidden mystery

Peel back the layers of truth and fiction, and more
Discover how their traits and lives shaped yours
Its easy when you know how, to research, dig deep
Through the archives online, for treasures to keep.

Turn your ancestors’ lives into a poem, a story, or a book
Keep searching and seeking, till you know where to look
Your ancestors are waiting for you to find gold
To discover their histories, and stories to be told.

We can’t all have the experts from WDYTYA
To locate the ancient scrolls and hidden objet d’art
Its up to us, Family Historians of the 21st century
To bring our ancestry to light, our own special history!

By Carole
@2021 Copyright


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