Full Circle: HPL completes first Path

... an HPL, a collaborative project, and a magnificent learning experience... Have we succeeded? YES! Have we been challenged? YES! Have we made a difference? That is still emerging and will continue to surprise us all! The Pathways Support for District U had an ambitious purpose - to provide support as clubs in District U … Continue reading Full Circle: HPL completes first Path

Voluntary Champions

Have you been challenged in your Toastmaster journey recently? Did you ride the roller coaster of DOUBT? Doubt that you could RISE to the challenge? International Pathways Guides Team Building My recent challenge, as a leader among fellow International Toastmasters, was to build a collaborative team of voluntary champions. Their mission (should they choose to … Continue reading Voluntary Champions

Embracing Change through Networking!

We interrupt the continuing stories of Pathways and its heroes, to talk about a fundamental approach to embracing change - creating a Personal Learning Network. Reflections of Past Networks In my sixteen years of being a Toastmaster I have seen many changes and improvements in the way in which clubs are created and managed, and … Continue reading Embracing Change through Networking!

Pathways with George #2

Chapter 2: George Chooses a Path This month George is keen to get started in Pathways and he decides to work with his Mentor on a 'Success Plan'. This process is familiar to him - a strategy he is using as an online learner in other learning management systems. After considering his goals for the … Continue reading Pathways with George #2

Mission Impossible #2

Sequel: ‘Game of Pathways Guides‘ The story continues in G. R. R. Martin style. We have traveled a long way from the shire and we are now in fine company of four teams of Online Pathways Guides (OPGs) gathering in Base Camp; House Blue; House Green; House Orange; and House Yellow. It is time for the … Continue reading Mission Impossible #2

Mission Impossible #1

Excerpts from 'Online Pathways Guides Adventures'. The story begins in Tolkien style …. Coach Carole lives a simple life with her fellow Pathways Guides in the shire, until the wizard George Marshall arrives and convinces her to join a group of volunteers on a quest to support the clubs of District U. The journey takes … Continue reading Mission Impossible #1

Follow the Yellow Brick Road …

Reflections of a Path Reflections on my journey in the Effective Coaching Path remind me of the experiences of Dorothy in the story of the 'Wonderful Wizard of OZ'. Looking back and noting my lessons learned, has been an ongoing pursuit for me, as I worked my way through the preparation, the speeches, the feedback, … Continue reading Follow the Yellow Brick Road …

Chapter 12: Pathways Guide Return Journey

Destination in sight! All visits completed (well except for one club that folded during the summer break) and 10 out of 15 virtual support sessions done and dusted. Almost across the finish line and I can see the shining banners fluttering in the breeze on the parapets of Castle DTM. They entice me forward now … Continue reading Chapter 12: Pathways Guide Return Journey

Chapter 11: Champions of Relearning

Learn Unlearn Relearn All great campaigns for change involve the slashing and burning of the old and outdated, alongside the introduction and embedding of the new and current. Pathways is no exception. Legions of Champions now roam the kingdoms of Outland bringing support for the people who fear the change from the old and cannot … Continue reading Chapter 11: Champions of Relearning

Chapter 10: Embedding Pathways 

Oath of the Pathways Warriors! Acclamation for the new way echoes throughout Outland as the warriors step up to take their oath of allegiance! Teams of strong leaders have emerged and their mission is to create legions of Pathways Champions. They will do this through their support for the Base Camp Managers and in particular … Continue reading Chapter 10: Embedding Pathways