Mentoring Pathways Champions

Recently I was asked 'what strategies are employed in your clubs to encourage uptake, progress and completion in Paths among your members'. My response was Mentoring! If you want success in your club and your goal is to build a 100% enrollment base in Pathways, I recommend a Club generated Pathways Mentorship Program. Here's one … Continue reading Mentoring Pathways Champions

Pathways Conversations with Julie: Week 2

Dear Julie, My best memory as a Pathways Guide is of the growth of networking opportunities within and across districts in Australia. We started small with social media groups just for the guides in D70 and D73 - this enabled us to gain valuable social learning with our peers. Then we branched out with a … Continue reading Pathways Conversations with Julie: Week 2

Mission Impossible #2

Sequel: ‘Game of Pathways Guides‘ The story continues in G. R. R. Martin style. We have traveled a long way from the shire and we are now in fine company of four teams of Online Pathways Guides (OPGs) gathering in Base Camp; House Blue; House Green; House Orange; and House Yellow. It is time for the … Continue reading Mission Impossible #2

Mission Impossible #1

Excerpts from 'Online Pathways Guides Adventures'. The story begins in Tolkien style …. Coach Carole lives a simple life with her fellow Pathways Guides in the shire, until the wizard George Marshall arrives and convinces her to join a group of volunteers on a quest to support the clubs of District U. The journey takes … Continue reading Mission Impossible #1