Support for Pathways Integration: Team Pathways

I am about to embark on a new project 'Lead in your Volunteer Organisation' from the Strategic Relationships Path. This idea sprang to mind when I became a member of the D70 Team Pathways recently. As I had recently been assigned the role of D73 Pathways Coordinator, the idea of how Pathways Coordination could work … Continue reading Support for Pathways Integration: Team Pathways

Voluntary Champions

Have you been challenged in your Toastmaster journey recently? Did you ride the roller coaster of DOUBT? Doubt that you could RISE to the challenge? International Pathways Guides Team Building My recent challenge, as a leader among fellow International Toastmasters, was to build a collaborative team of voluntary champions. Their mission (should they choose to … Continue reading Voluntary Champions

Embracing Change through Networking!

We interrupt the continuing stories of Pathways and its heroes, to talk about a fundamental approach to embracing change - creating a Personal Learning Network. Reflections of Past Networks In my sixteen years of being a Toastmaster I have seen many changes and improvements in the way in which clubs are created and managed, and … Continue reading Embracing Change through Networking!

New Series: Network Centred Collaboration!

This month I am focusing on the benefits of Online Champions of Change! I have some reflections to share with you and some information on what I know about current Online Toastmaster Champions and how to develop a network of future champions. Reflections of a Flexible Learning Leader Phase One: E-learning All good things come to … Continue reading New Series: Network Centred Collaboration!