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online agendasWhen you are planning to meet online, it makes sense to have agendas and other documents available online too. You could of course just email documents to the members prior to the meeting. Alternatively, you could plan to use one of the Club Management Tools or a cloud-based tool to create an online agenda,

Here are some example agendas created for the Moving Meetings Online event scheduled for March 21 for my D73.

Toastmaster Meeting Saturday 21st March 2020   Starting at 19:00 Australia/Hobart
Meeting Theme Moving Meetings Online   
Meet online 5886309612

sample Area 29 agenda

This is the Agenda for the March 21 Demonstration Meeting in draft format using easy-speak above and Google sheets below.

mock meeting online agenda in google sheets

Note: And if you were wondering; a simple copy and paste action, transported my data from easy-Speak to Google Sheets.

The point is, you will need an online agenda to send to or display for your online meetings. You may wish to share a PDF version via email or during your meeting, or you may display on screen at appropriate times. Zoom conferencing tool enables screen sharing.

Note: And you could share PDF copies of Pathways Evaluation forms this way too. The Zoom conferencing tool enables the sharing of Files in a meeting in real time.

Cloud Storage for Documents

cloud storageThere is a plethora of cloud storage tools that will provide an online club with shareable documentation; useful for executive teams and all club members.

Google Drive – enables you to setup folders and include google docs, sheets and presentations all neatly contained. Great for the documents you want to work on collaboratively.

Dropbox – enables you to setup folders containing many uploaded documents in word, spreadsheet or presentation formats. Great for those documents that you want others to view but not change.

YouTube – enables you to setup a channel containing your meeting recordings (converted to MP4 format). Great for sharing those videos publicly or privately.

Vimeo – enables you to setup a channel containing your meeting recordings (converted to MP4 format). Great if you want more security for these videos.

Slideshare – enables you to setup an account into which you can upload your presentations that you wish to share more widely with club members and other clubs.

Extra Resources

If you are interested in setting up an easy-Speak or FreeToastHost for your club, these resources will be helpful.

FreeToastHost Support site

easy-Speak Support site

Note: for easy-speak users How to Change your Club Location to Online



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