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What’s New in Pathways Resources?

What do you need right now to help other club members to: enrol in a Path assist other members to enrol in a Path master your own journey through Base Camp assist other members to master their journeys improve your ability to plan ahead and track progress assist another member to plan ahead and progress […]

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Stage Four: Pathways Support with VSS

During the months of December, January and February, I will be supporting my assigned clubs in their journeys into Pathways with a series of Virtual Support Sessions. The VSS are all scheduled in my Zoom room and the Events and Links to recordings of each will be posted for my followers in the generic Facebook […]

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Stage Three: Virtual Support Sessions

Reflections of a Pathways Guide I have been in planning mode for the Virtual Support Sessions! These are a whole new learning curve for me and for those who attend! I wanted to approach this with all of my knowledge and strategies for preparing the learner for the learning process. It is a journey! The […]