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What is Genealogy?
Identify the basic elements of genealogy research.
Getting started as a Genealogist
Basic activities to begin your genealogy research.
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Basic Genealogy
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Preparing your Primary Sources

In the above video we examine the importance of Primary Resources. 

What are Genealogy Research Resources?

It is best to have journals or notebooks in which you can make notes about your family ancestors and the research you are planning to do for each family group.

You may find it useful to visit and/or join a local Family History group. They may have regular in person or Zoom meetings where you can attend to learn more.

For online research you will need the following technology:

  1. a computer or device that connects to the internet for your research
  2. an Internet browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Edge
  3. computer system that enables you to capture information from your research such as a file management folder system, cloud based storage or portable hard drives

You may prefer the following software, for your research, installed on your device:

  1. Find My Past or Ancestry
  2. Legacy or Roots Magic

I recommend that you also visit/join a Genealogy based social media group that specialises in providing insights, discussions and webinars on finding your family ancestors (often based on geographical location) to explore the wealth of learning from networking.

How to get help from the experts!

In this video I show you how to find Lessons from the Experts. There is so much available online that it is easy to become confused. With a few easy steps in locating known genealogy experts, you can save yourselves a great deal of time and anxiety in the process of uncovering your family past history.