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What is Genealogy?
Identify the basic elements of genealogy research.
Getting started as a Genealogist
Basic activities to begin your genealogy research.
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Basic Genealogy
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Create a Family Tree

In the above video I take you through some steps in creating your family tree using the Legacy 9 program.

Research Planning – essential

Before you get to the stage of building your tree, it is essential to plan what research you will do, to find your ancestors’ vital records and stories.

Follow a path to preparing a research plan that will suit your time availabiity, your skill level and your end purpose.

You may begin by just writing your plan in a research log, a notebook; or creating a spreadsheet. I usually begin with a diary note about who I will be researching on this date, what specific vital records I am seeking and where I am going to do the research online.  Later I use a series of Notes in my online Evernote Notebooks to record my research findings. In those Notes I can highlight further research that I need to do to reveal the truth about those records and if there is a storyline there.

View this video tutorial from Lisa Lisson on Genealogy Research Plans. Lisa uses spreadsheets to plan her research.

View the following video to discover other types of research planning strategies by leading Genealogists. This one from the Barefoot Genealogist, Christa Cowan, shows how she uses both a Broad and Specific Focus for her research planning.

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