Christmas Special: Coaching Course: Ancestral Storytelling

Preserve your Ancestral Stories in Blog Posts, ebooks and more?

This has become an even more popular form of sharing the stories of our ancestors, especially in the last two years during our global pandemic. 

There are literally hundreds of ways you can structure your blog posts; and dozens of different blog platforms that you could use. Making a choice and getting started is often the hardest thing to do.

I began my ancestral blogging years ago, using the Blogger platform, and writing up the results of my ancestral research to share with others. Now I use the WordPress platform and continue to write my stories of ancestors I have researched and I now add an element of fiction within those stories – my imagination fills in the gaps – about their lives in other eras.

My challenges have included, ancestral writing prompts, 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks and learning how to title my blog posts to engage my readers. Creating intriguing stories of my family history, one ancestor at a time has given me much to do in researching and digging deep into the history archives for the context. 

Read my Essential Genealogist Tips.


Join the Course!

Do you need help with setting up, creating, and publishing your ancestral stories in blog posts? 

Do you need coaching assistance when setting up your WordPress site for family history stories? 

Do you want to participate in webinar tutorials and/or individual coaching sessions in Zoom?

This course will step you through the process of setting up your blog sites, managing the theme and templates within, drafting and editing blog posts, publishing the posts, and scheduling to publish in social media sites.

Each week there is a live group call in Zoom giving you tips and tricks in each of the modules. 

Optional one-on-one coaching calls are also provided in this course, to provide individual advice and work with you sessions in Zoom.

Projects and activities for you to create, built into each module, provide opportunities to practice the techniques learned immediately.

A Facebook community adds social networking and peer learning opportunities to this course.

This course in my Preserving Family History Academy begins on the 1st of January 2023.

Coaching Course: Ancestral Blogging 

Now available for pre-enrolling at the 

Christmas Special price of $50 US!

See the video below for a snapshot of my set of Christmas-themed tips for ancestral storytelling!

Coaching Calls!

Do you just need a coaching session with me, rather than a whole course?

Maybe you’ve already made a start on your blogging but need some hand holding for the technical, nitty gritty parts. I can help with that.

Maybe you are at the beginning and you need help in digging out the stories of your ancestors hiding among the data you have collected? I can help with that.

Possibly you already have some stories written that you’d just like some help with in shaping them up for public viewing? I can help with that.

Book a coaching call with me for an hour, or half an hour, to fit into your busy schedule. Or if you’d like some specific questions answered about your research; or even just 15 minutes of my time, book these in my latest Pensight Booking Page.



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