Where to go to find help!

Recently I read about the Top Ten Tools for 2018 from Jane Hart at CLP. This triggered a reaction from me - one that I could fit into the puzzle for alleviating some of the difficulty for Toastmasters to begin their online learning journey. We make an assumption that all Toastmasters are equally comfortable in … Continue reading Where to go to find help!

My Story: where has Pathways led me?

It began for me, about a year ago. The PQD for District 73 sent out an invitation to Toastmasters who wanted to be Pathways Guides for clubs in areas close to them. Now, my location, spans two Districts - 70 on the NSW side of the border and 73 on the Victorian side of the … Continue reading My Story: where has Pathways led me?

Changing needs of Toastmasters in Pathways!

Prior to starting Pathways, Toastmasters are keen to know about the program and what's in it for them. They will usually ask questions like: What are the Paths available in the program Where can I find information about the projects in each Path Who will help me get started How can see an overview of … Continue reading Changing needs of Toastmasters in Pathways!

Keep it Basic in your Camp!

Base Camp Managers! Are you a President, VP Education or Secretary for your Toastmaster club this year? Did you know that with these roles comes the added responsibility of being a Base Camp Manager? Do you know what your Base Camp Manager tasks are? When I became a Pathways Guide, I realized that Base Camp … Continue reading Keep it Basic in your Camp!

Leadership Style: lessons learned

Toastmasters, what do YOU do when you are building a new team? And what are YOUR strategies for team success? Here are my three lessons for successful team building: effective timing, strategic networking, and visionary planning. Building teams requires effective timing! One year ago, I was about to launch myself into the realms of Pathways … Continue reading Leadership Style: lessons learned

How to succeed in your Path!

Congratulations if you have chosen your Path at Base Camp. You may already be well on the way to completing your first level and happily planning your speeches. The five levels in a Path provide you with sequential development of skills, aptitudes and competencies. This month's post will focus on: Level 1: Mastering Fundamentals What … Continue reading How to succeed in your Path!

Support for Pathways Integration: Team Pathways

I am about to embark on a new project 'Lead in your Volunteer Organisation' from the Strategic Relationships Path. This idea sprang to mind when I became a member of the D70 Team Pathways recently. As I had recently been assigned the role of D73 Pathways Coordinator, the idea of how Pathways Coordination could work … Continue reading Support for Pathways Integration: Team Pathways

VSS: Club Leadership Training Online

Virtual Support Sessions: VSS for Pathways Pathways Guides across the world have been conducting online training for VPEs and others, to help them with their leadership roles. Thousands of hours of volunteer time and effort has been implemented steadily since early last year when the first rollout of Pathways began. The Guides were required to … Continue reading VSS: Club Leadership Training Online

Full Circle: HPL completes first Path

... an HPL, a collaborative project, and a magnificent learning experience... Have we succeeded? YES! Have we been challenged? YES! Have we made a difference? That is still emerging and will continue to surprise us all! The Pathways Support for District U had an ambitious purpose - to provide support as clubs in District U … Continue reading Full Circle: HPL completes first Path

Why would you join an Online Club?

Lessons Learned - two years on ... Online Clubs first emerged in March 2016 and since then we have seen a total of 19 clubs chartered. We have a few community clubs, a sprinkling of corporate clubs and a group of advanced clubs - all meeting 100% online with their members on a regular basis. … Continue reading Why would you join an Online Club?