Blogging in the
Past Lane


Blogging in the
Past Lane


Course Overview

Practical tools for blogging ancestral stories

Are you having difficulty in setting up your WordPress site for family history stories?

Do you need to start from scratch in preparing posts for family stories?

This course will step you through the process of setting up, managing and working in a WordPress blog site. We take small steps one at a time to help you master the tools, functions and navigation in WordPress.

Each lesson includes specific reference to how you will populate the site with information about you and your family history.

The course includes built in real time Zoom sessions to discuss the process in each phase of the WordPress site development.

There are ‘any time’ communication tools employed in the course for you to discuss your progress with others in the course. These include discussion forums and membership of a social media community.

You can preview the first few lessons for free.

Would you like a copy of the Free WorkBooks, please add your name in this survey:


If you would like to get started straight away, click the Enroll Here button below. The next guided course begins on 1 November 2020.

Course Curriculum

And Learning Outcomes


  • Introducing WordPress

  • How to Setup your WordPress Site

  • How to Manage your WordPress Site

  • How to Customise your site: WordPress Editor

  • How to Manage your site: WordPress Menus

  • Meeting 1: WordPress Sites

Downloadable Worksheets

your keys to success

Advanced Blogging in the Past Lane worksheets includes WordPress instructions, Blog post advice, Blog content guidance and Blog writing planning space. 

Icons & Text


Create a WordPress site and master the Theme, Menus, Pages and Posts


Discuss progress with your mentor and other participants in weekly forums


Join social media community of learner bloggers and collaborate with a sharing of ideas

Post Ancestral Stories

Create posts for ancestors in your clans to tell their stories.

Learning Outcomes


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