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carpe diem quotes-729173_640For those moving online for the first time, you will need some support. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, as they say, call in the expertise of those leaders who have gone before. There are many skilled online Toastmasters across the world, and they are gathering all their best advice, resources and support for you right now.

Now is the time for you to ‘seize the day’.

Join the Online Alliance

new banner 2020As ‘onliners’ you will benefit from being members of the Online Alliance to gain advice and support from other Online Club leaders. This is a Facebook Group, a community that is dedicated to helping clubs move online.

Being a member of Online Alliance will enable you to add your individual online club promotions. See below for an example of how to do that using simple imagery.

Image may contain: text

Be sure to add your Zoom numbers and the time of meeting in UTC time. Where possible please add the Time Zone Conversion link. This enables potential visitors and guests to arrive at the right time, in their time zone.

Reach out to your District Leaders

workplace-1245776_1280During these days of ‘social distancing’ mandated by our Governments, our Communities and our Toastmasters leaders, things are moving at break neck speed. Be sure to keep tuned to the regular communication channels in Toastmasters and in your District. eg Newsletters, Emails, Social Networking sites.

Toastmasters International Coronavirus Update

Many districts will be gearing up for assisting clubs to ‘move meetings online’ and/or ‘hold online contests’ during the next few weeks; keep abreast of these special events. Your District may be planning online webinars, online training and/or online tutorials; make sure you know where to find this information.

Here in Australia, plans are being considered for running a series of Zoom training sessions and collaboration between Districts is helping that to happen swiftly. News of  those events will be promoted in Newsletters and websites. Check what is happening by contacting your Club Growth Director, Quality Program Director, District Director or your team of Education and Training coordinators. Information will be flowing down to your Division Directors and Area Directors this month, check with them.

Give your leaders some time to put plans in place and support them as they move through a challenging time of managing a District.

District Leadership

Look for the District Leaders who have designated ‘online meetings’ and training for change as a high priority.

D91 Coronavirus Update

D57 Covid-19 Update

Join one or two of the Online Toastmasters social networks:

Pathways Discussion Forums for help with Pathways

Online Training for Toastmasters for help with Online Training

Online Toastmasters Resources for help with Online Resources

The Official Toastmasters Group in LinkedIn

The Official Toastmasters Group in Facebook

And during the time of ‘social distancing’ engage in ‘social networking’.

Anthem– a timely offering of calm in a time of calamity from Leonard Cohen.







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